Allantoin Powder

A free-flowing hygroscopic fine white synthetic powder which is water soluble, but is not Oil soluble

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Common Name:  Allantoin Powder Synthetic

INCI Name:  Allantoin

Origin:  Netherlands

Description:  Synthetic Allantoin works as an anti-irritant. When Allantoin is added Shower gels, shampoos, wash lotions or shaving products, it protects the skin by minimizing irritation caused by surfactants or other agressive ingredients. It also helps avoid the feeling of tightness, and consumers have experienced a better skin feeling after use.

Suggestions for Use: Allantoin aids to protect skin against abrasions and rashes caused by shaving by helping the skin to maintain its integrity. Allantoin reinforces the skin’s natural protective barrier and improves its moisture retention, providing a smoothing effect to the skin. Allantoin is soluble in water up to 0.5%. Before adding to water, heat the water to at least 65°C. Allantoin is stable in the pH range 3-8 and will tolerate prolonged heating at 80°C. Typical usage rates are 0.1–0.5%.

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