Amyris Essential Oil

Steam Distilled Essential oil of Amyris from Haiti. A warming woody oil which makes a good cost effective substitution for Indian Sandalwood Oil in Cosmetics and Toiletry fragrances where cost of Indian or Australian Organic Sandalwood Oil is prohibitive. Also known as West Indian Sandalwood /Oil.
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Common Name : Amyris (West Indian Sandalwood) Essential Oil

INCI Name : Amyris balsamifera Oil

Origin : Haiti

CAS TSCA : 8015-65-4

Description : Aromatic fresh slightly burnt woody odour, Amyris is a somewhat viscous oil to use / handle and is light to amber yellow in colour.

Suggestions for use: Also known as West Indian Sandalwood, although Amyris is botanically speaking completely different to any Santalum species. Production and Distillation of the Essential Oil of Amyris is quite labour intensive. Once the wood is cut and chopped, it has to be transported through an inhospitable landscape to the local distilleries. This harsh working environment is further compromised by seasonal cyclones which have decimated the Island on many occasions in the recent past. The wood itself, needs to be dried for anything from 1 - 3 years before it is eventually crushed and distilled. Even then, it needs multiple rectifications and redistilling before the desired quality is achieved and exported.

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