Avocado Oil Deodorised

This is a refined and deodorised Avocado oil, which has a light Yellow to Gold colour. Refined avocado oil is of great importance in the cosmetic industry due to the phytosterol content and the penetrating ability through the skin. Perfect as a base Oil for Massage oils.
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Common Name: Avocado Oil Deodorised

INCI Name: Persea Gratissima

Origin: South Africa

EINECS NUMBER: 232-428-0

CAS NUMBER: 8024-32-6

Description: Avocado Oil deodorised is derived from Expeller pressed and Refined Avocado Oil, removing excess waxes and Pulp, and yioelding a Yellow to Gold coloured almost odourless Oil.

Suggestions for Use: It is high in Vitamins A, B, D, also trace constituents of lecithin, potassium, and linoleic acid, which helps to strengthen the membrane surrounding skin cells due to its rapid absorption. Can be used to help moisturise dry or mature skin. Refined Avocado Oil has a similar Fatty Acid profiile to Olive Oil, where the high concentration of monounsaturated fat decelerates the oxidation process leading to a longer shelf life for the product.

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