Avocado Oil Expressed | Certified Organic

COSMOS Certified Organic Dark Green Avocado Oil rich in antioxidants and minerals. Perfect for skincare due to its quick and easy absorption and also for cold process Soapmaking.
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Common Name : Avocado Oil Expressed Certified Organic

INCI Name : Persea Gratissima Oil

Origin : Kenya / South Africa

EINECS Number: 232-428-0

CAS Number: 8024-32-6

Description : A dark Green Viscous Oil produced by mechanical expression from the pressed fruit / flesh of the Avocado free from any Pesticide or nasty chemicals. After picking, the fruit is stored for ripening before it is cleaned, peeled and the kernel is removed before processing.

Suggestions for use: Certified Organic Expressed Avocado Oil is rich in antioxidants like vitamins A, B1, and vitamin E so is ideal for dry or sensitive skin

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