Beeswax Absolute Pure

Beeswax Absolute pure produced from the melted honeycombe via Solvent extraction producing a viscous / solid Absolute with a heady Honey / tobacco like odour.
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Common Name: Beeswax Absolute Pure

INCI Name: Cera alba

Botanical: Apis mellifera Linn.

Origin: France

EINECS Number: 232-383-7

CAS TSCA: 8012-89-3

Description: Beeswax absolute ( absolue de cire d'abeille ) is extracted from the stripped honeycomb or in 'cake form' created from the melted honeycomb through the use of solvents resulting in Beeswax Concrete. The Beeswax Concrete is then processed with Alcohol to produce the qualityBeeswax Absolute. Pure Beeswax Absolute will still have the fragrance of beeswax with a honey like odour and subtle balsamic / tobacco character. Of course, the subtle notes will be be characterised by the flowers or ecosystem where the collecting bees are located. The Beeswax is viscous to solid at room temperature and is a very dark Orange to Brown in colour. A few drops go a long way.

Suggestions for Use: Beeswax Absolute is mainly used in the Natural Perfumery Industry, although it is used in some Cosmetic and Toiletry products to supress harsh odours like Cumin and Galbanum Oils. Works well with Jasmin Absolute, Violet Leaf Absolute and Mimosa Absolute in luxury fine fragrance blends.

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