Beeswax Granules White | Organic

Genuine Organic Sundried White Beeswax granules from Cameroon. We supply the Beeswax granules / lumps, and not the refined pellet product. Ours is the far superior original product.

We can not sell this ingredient to European Union countries

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Common Name : Beeswax Granules White Organic

INCI Name : Cera alba

Origin : Cameroon

EINECS Number : 232-383-7

CAS Number : 8012-89-3

Description : Organic White Beeswax Granules which have been sundried without the use of any chemical process to keep the natural integrity of the product. These are not refined beads or pastiles. They are pure and original granules created from the original slabs of Beeswax after being crushed into smaller pieces.

Suggestions for use: Organic White Beeswax granules can be used in Cream Base products, Lip Balms, Lipsticks, and Candles.

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