Bentonite Clay Powder

True Bentonite Clay Powder imported from U.S.A. Not the same product as Fullers Earth, although we do offer both products seperately.

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Common Name : Bentonite Clay / Wyoming Bentonite

INCI Name : Sodium Bentonite Powder

Origin : U.S.A.

Description : Sourced direct from the producer in U.S.A., True Bentonite Clay (Sodium Bentonite Powder) contains up to 70% Montmorillonite along with volcanic ash and over 70 different minerals. Although some companies say Bentonite Clay and Fullers Earth are the same product, we disagree and that is why we offer both seperately.

Suggestions for use: Bentonite clay has long been considered as a healing Clay through the centuries and has been adapted for many healing and therapeutic applications. Many publications and scientific documents refer to Bentonite Clays ability to absorb toxins and poisons by topically applying to the affected area of skin. True Bentonite Clay is mined from the mountain regions of Wyoming. Although the colour and quality of Bentonite can vary, we have selected this particular quality for application in Cosmetics, Toiletries, Spa Products and Soap making.

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