Benzoin Mobile Oil

Benzoin is a popular ingredient in Perfumery and Incense production due to it lush Vanilla like odour and itsapplication as a fixative. Benzoin Essential Oil as a distilled or expressed Oil does not exist. Even in dilute mobile form, our Benzoin mobile is still quite thick and viscous with a rich Vanilla like odour.

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Common Name : Benzoin Sumatra Absolute 50% DPG

INCI Name :

CAS Number : 9000-05-9

EC Number : 232-523-7

Origin : Vietnam / Laos / Sumatra

Description : Our Solvent extracted Styrax benzoin Absolute from Sumatra blended 50/50 with DPG. The Pure original product is either too viscous or solid to use in blending. There is no such thing as Benzoin Essential Oil. It will either be a Resinoide, Absolute or a diluent of either.

Suggestions for use: Benzoin Mobile has a comforting, vanilla-like fragrance and is pleasant in massage blends for stress-related conditions, also in creams or lotions to be used on chapped or inflamed skin.In the Perfumery / Fragrance industry, Benzoin is used as a fixative which slows the release of fragrance or Essential Oils into the environment. Apart from the Fragce application, Benzoin has multiple uses in Alcohol beverages, Candies, Veterinary Medicine, Candles, and Gelatins.

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