Black Pepper Essential Oil

Steam Distilled Essential oil from the sun dried Peppercorns of Piper nigrum from Cochin, India. A warming and stimulating Essential oil with a fresh spicy / woody odour.

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Common Name : Black Pepper Essential Oil

INCI Name :Piper nigrum fruit Oil

Botanical Name : Piper nigrum

Origin : India / Sri Lanka / Vietnam / Indonesia / Madagascar

CAS Number : 84929-41-9

Alternate CAS Number : 8006-82-4

EC Number : 284-524-7

Description : Steam distillation of the dried and not too ripe fruits of the Pepper Vine from Cochin India. The Essential oil is colourless to Green / Yellow colour, with a Terpenic, woody, fresh warm odour. In perfumery, Black Pepper Essential Oil is popular in Oriental Fragrances, and in Rose and Carnation fragrances.

Suggestions for use: Use with rosemary in a Sweet Almond base massage Oil before exercise to minimise stiffness or put in the bath for tired muscles. Black Pepper Essential Oil is high in antioxidants, fighting free radicals that can harm your skin and lead to premature skin ageing, and blends well with other essential oils which are great for anti-ageing like Frankincense Oil and Lavender Oil.

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