BTMS 25 | Conditioning Emulsifier

BTMS-25 is a conditioning emulsifying ingredient that can be used to emulsify Lotions and Body Scrubs. However, it is more commonly used to make Hair conditioning and Shampoo products. The Manufacturers recommended usage range is 1 – 10%.
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Common Name : BTMS 25

INCI Name : Behentrimonium methosulfate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol

Origin : Germany

EC No. : 279-791-1 & 204-017-6 / 253-149-0

CAS No. : 81646-13-1 & 112-92-5 / 36653-82-4

Description : Our BTMS-25 comes in a While Pellet / bead format for ease of use with a melting point of about 60c. Manufacturer has advised a pH of 5-7 in a 2% solution. There are no GM products used in the manufacture of our BTMS-25.

Suggestions for use: BTMS - 25 is an emulsifying wax that creates a luscious thick and creamy emulsion which feels light and hydrating. As already highlighted, this unique ingredient is perfect for luxury hair care products, especially leave-in conditioners. BTMS-25 also creates a soft and powdery feel in Base Lotions and Base Cream creations and has great detangling and softening properties.

PLEASE NOTE: We have a Palm Free BTMS available here

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