Castor Bean Oil Expressed

Castor bean Oil Expressed is a very viscous Carrier Oil with easily recognised subtle odour. Applications for this Oil include Hair care and Cold process Soap where it improves the lather.
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Common Name:  Castor Bean Oil Expressed

INCI Name:  Ricinus communis Seed Oil

CAS Number: 8001-79-4

EINECS NUMBER:: 232-293-8

Origin: India

Description: A very viscous Carrier Oil with easily recognised odour. Castor Oil is a light to Straw Yellow colour.

Suggestions for Use: A rich, sticky oil particularly good for use in haircare products, because of its 'water-proofing' qualities . Also good for healing dry chapped skin. When using in Soap do not use more than 15% as this will leave the finished product rather tacky. Castor Oil will sustain the lather in your cold process soap, so we recommend a maximum 10% concentration to achieve this.

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