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Cera Bellina Wax Imparts a smooth, satin like feeling to the skin with solubility and safety similar to Beeswax. Cera Bellina Wax also acts as a dispersion aid for pigments and minerals. This product is GMO free and Palm free.

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Common Name : Cera Bellina Wax

INCI Name : Polyglyceryl-3 Beeswax / Tocopheryl acetate

IUPAC Name : Beeswax, Glycerides, C18-36, mono-, di- and tri-

Origin : U.S.A. / Germany

CAS Number: 136097-93-3 / 7695-91-2

EC Number: Not assigned / 231-710-0

REACH : Polymer - exempt

Saponification value (mg KOH/g): 84 - 98

Description : Cera Bellina Wax is a polar beeswax derivative in which the free fatty acids of beeswax have been converted to polyglycerol esters. Elimination of the free fatty acids leads to improved oil retention and oil gelling properties and to improved compatibility with cosmetic ingredients. Cera Bellina Wax has the unique ability to form stable non-granular gels with most natural and synthetic oils. Cera Bellina Wax functions as a dispersion aid for organic and inorganic pigments, as well as mineral and polymer extenders. Its crystallisation inhibiting properties and tendency towards formation of liquid-crystalline like structures improve stability, rheology, structure, homogeneity and texture of many cosmetic products. Cera Bellina Wax EU offers the formulator more flexibility and products with Cera Bellina Wax shows superb stability, smooth silky appearance and very pleasant skin feel.

Applications : All types of Cosmetic emulsions, oil gel products, decorative cosmetics such as lip balms, lipsticks, eye-liner, rouge, mascara, foundation and make-up.

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