Chamomile Roman Essential Oil

Steam Distilled Essential oil of Anthemis nobilis from here in England. It has an intense warm Apple / Melon odour and is a go-to Oil for Childrens blends as there are almost zero allergens in this Essential Oil.

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Common Name : Chamomile Roman Essential Oil

INCI Name : Anthemis nobilis flower oil

Botanical Name : Anthemis nobilis Linn.

Origin : England / Hungary / France

REACH : 05-2115785979-14-XXXX

CAS TSCA : 8015-92-7 / 84649-86-5

EC Number : 283-467-5

FEMA : 2272

Description : Distilled Essential oil of Anthemis nobilis from England. Oil colour ranges from a light azulene blue to pale Yellow / Green depending on origin and quality of plant material at point of distillation. Camomile Roman has a sweet Apple / Melon odour which is dictated by the high ester content based on the combination of butyl, amyl and hexyl type of tiglic and angelic acids.

Suggestions for use:One of our most popular oils, Chamomile Roman Essential Oil makes a welcome addition to any relaxing or calming massage, bath oil or vaporising blend. Excellent for use in sensitive blends or childrens toiletries as there are almost zero allergens in the Essential Oil. Blends well with Jasmin Absolute, Calabrian Bergamot Oil Expressed, Oakmoss Absolute and Neroli Oil. Typical usage is up to 1% in fragrance concentrate blends.

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