Citric Acid Fine Granules

Free flowing Citric Acid Granules for use in Bath Bombs or to adjust the pH level in Cosmetic products.
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Common Name : Citric Acid Fine Granules

INCI Name : Citric Acid

Origin : China

CAS Number: 77-92-9

EINECS Number: tbc

Reach Registration : 01-2119457026-42-XXXX

Description : Tiny granules of White Citric Acid

Suggestions for use:Use in bath salts or blend with Sodium Bicarbonate to make your own excellent fizzy bath bombs. Citric Acid is also useful for adjusting the pH-level in cosmetics like Gel bases and Lotion Bases. Citric Acid has many domestic uses and is used to removed limescale from kettles and boilers.

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