Citronella Java Essential Oil

Distilled Essential Oil of Cymbopogon winterianus from Indonesia. Citronella is a traditional remedy against mosquitos - vaporise or use in a massage blend.

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Common Name: Citronella Java Essential Oil

INCI Name: Cymbopogon Winterianus Oil

EINECS Number: 294-954-7

CAS Number: 91771-61-8

FEMA: 2308

Origin: Indonesia

Description: Distilled Essential oil of Cymbopogon winterianus from Indonesia yielding a pale Yellow to Straw Yellow coloured Essential Oil with a slightly sour lemon odour.

Suggestions for Use: Citronella Oil is a traditional remedy against mosquitos as it masks the scents that attract them, i.e. carbon dioxide and lactic acid in Humans. Vaporise or use in a massage blend with fractionated Coconut Oil. The main constituents in Citronella Geraniol, Citronellal, Citronellol are used in Perfumery and Cosmetic products.

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