Clary Sage Hydrolat (Hydrosol) Organic

A pure, high quality Floral Hydrolat from the steam distillation of Salvia sclarea. Free from preservatives and synthetics.
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Common Name: Clary Sage Hydrolat

INCI Name: Salvia Sclaria Water

Origin: U.K.

Description: The genuine water by product distillate from the distillation of Clary Sage Essential Oila. This Hydrolat does not contain any preservative or Chemical additives.

Suggestions for Use: Pure and original Clary Sage Hydrolat is an excellent skin cleanser and toner especially when blended with our Spearmint Hydrolat or Peppermint Hydrolat. This is a genuine Hydrolat and not a man made floral water. Free from preservatives. Can be used neat or as an ingredient in cosmetic formulations.

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