Coconut Wax

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Coconut Wax is actually a hardened form of Coconut Oil with a much higher melting point which is Ideal as an ingredient for making container Candles and Massage Wax products. This product does not contain any Soy, just Coconut extracts with nothing else added.
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Common Name : Coconut Wax

INCI Name : Hydrogenated Coconut Oil

Origin : U.S.A.

CAS Number : 67701-28-4

Description :Produced by pressing the Oil out of the Coconut meat and by process of filtering and cleaning, you are left with the 100% Natural and Biodegradable Coconut Wax, which is a clear White when solid. Coconut wax is of natural origin, which is a light and non-greasy moisturising emollient suitable for body butters, balms, skin cream and face care products. Coconut Wax has a light colour and excellent storage stability with low iodine value, so no / little oxidation is possible. It has good chemical compatibility with many natural fragrances and oils. Coconut wax is a good base component for lipstick waxes and colour cosmetics and is an excellent super fatting agent for soaps and gel-like creams. Melting point of 30 - 39c.

Suggestions for use: Coconut Wax can be used in container Candle manufacturing where it holds up to 10% fragrance, and in Massage Wax Bases, Body Creams, Body Butters.

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