Comfrey Root Cut

Comfrey Root Cut and Dried direct from the producer in Hungary. Comfrey Root has been used in Herbal Medicine for over 2000 years. Was originally known as Knitbone and used as an external poultice to treatswelling, strains and bruises.

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Common Name: Comfrey root

INCI Name: Symphytum Officinale

Origin: Hungary / Bulgaria

Description: Dried and cut root.

Suggestions for Use: Comfrey Roots can be infused to create a Golden Orange to Yellow colour. Comfrey Root is a source of Allantoin, and can be crushed into a powder for use in salves and ointments. Infuse Comfrey Root in hot water for 45 minutes to use a compress to ease discomfort of sprains or reduce inflammation.


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