Lauryl Glucoside | RSPO MB

Lauryl Glucoside RSPO MB is a Non-ionic Vegetable-based Natural Surfactant is therefore Biodegradable and safe for the environment. It doesn't dry out the skin and produces abundant foam in making it the perfect choice for Foam Bath products and Shower Gels. Works well with Coco Glucoside and Decyl Glucoside.
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Common Name: Lauryl Glucoside RSPO MB

INCI Name: Lauryl Glucoside

Origin: EU

CAS Number: 110615-47-9

Description: Lauryl Glucoside RSPO MB is a nonionic surfactant made from renewable raw materials; glucose derived from corn and fatty alcohols from RSPO certified Palm Kernel Oil. Our product is a pale Yellow Viscous liquid which is easier to use compared to the White paste version.

Suggestions for Use: Lauryl Glucoside is a mild surfactant and can be used as a co-emulsifierand stabiliser to create Base Creams and Lotions. Best use in Hair care products for its cleaning abilities.

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