Mango Fruit Powder

Mango Fruit Powder from India, also known as Amchur Powder. Can be used in skincare products to alleviate dry or patchy skin and in soapmaking as an all natural mild exfolient.
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Common Name: Mango Fruit Powder.

INCI Name: Mangifera Indica.

Origin: India

Description: Amchur powder (Mango powder) is made from sun dried raw Green and unripe mangoes.

Suggestions for Use: Gives your product a slight zest / tang. Contains Vitamins A and C, carotenoids, polyphenols, antioxidants, and mangiferins which protect skin from UV radiation. Mango Powder is great for skincare packs and moisturising lotion bases. Customers have used this ingredient in Face packs blended with our Green Clay and Aloe Vera and Seaweed Gel.

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