Menthol Crystals Natural

Menthol Crystals Natural have a very intense minty odour and create a cooling effect in Cosmetic and Oral care product bases.
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Common Name: Menthol Crystals Natural

INCI Name: Menthol

Origin: China / India

CAS Number: 2216-51-5

EINECS Number: 216-690-9

FEMA: 2665

Description: Menthol Crystals are an isolate component of Pure Peppermint Oil. The Crystals are clear White which are solid at room temperature and have a very pungent Minty Fresh odour which will take your breath away. Menthol Crystals are renowned for their ‘cooling effect’ in skincare products. It is well known that Menthol has the ability to chemically trigger the cold-sensitive receptors in the skin, hence the 'chill effect' on application. When Menthol is used in flavour applications it provides a cooling sensation especially in oral-care products.

Suggestions for Use: Menthol Crystals can be melted and added to your Cream, Lotion, or Cosmetic Base. Menthol Crystals are soluable in both Oils and Alcohol and have many applications in anti-fungal and anti-bacterial products. Menthol has also proven to be effective against the parasitic mite Acarapis woodi which causes Acarine disease in honeybees.

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