OliveM 900

Olivem 900 is a COSMOS approved Biodegradeable PEG-free natural structuring agent for Water in Oil and anhydrous formulas. Also acts as a sensorial enhancer and moisturizer.
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Common Name: Olivem 900

INCI Name: Sorbitan Olivate

Origin: Italy

Description: Olivem 900 is a nonionic co-emulsifier primarily derived from Olive Oil ,supplied in flake form which are off-white to Yellow in colour. Melting Point is 65 - 75c.

Suggestions for Use: Olivem 900 as the name suggests is an Olive derived natural Vegetable emulsifier, which is perfect for mild creams specifically for delicate skin or in Childrens / Baby care products. Olivem 900 was originally created for use in colour cosmetics like lipsticks and as a wetting agent for pigments. Suggested use range from 1.0 - 10.0%

Features & Benefits:


Co-emulsifying Agent

COSMOS approved

Emulsifying Agent (W/O)

Pigment Wetter &

Dispersant Plant Derived / Vegetal Based

SPF Enhancement

Certification Status: COSMOS Approved

00.00% PeMo

100.00% PPAI

00.00% CPAI

00.00% NNI

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