Patchouli Leaves Cut

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Dried and Cut Patchouli Leaves from India. Perfect for Pot-pourri as an insect repellent or incense mix for meditation.
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Common Name: Patchouli Leaves Cut & Dried.

INCI Name: Pogostemon Cablin

Origin: India / Indonesia

Description: Dried and Cut leaves with an intense woody / musky fragrance.

Suggestions for Use: Keep dried patchouli leaves in cupboards where linen is stored to repel moths and other insects. If you have House Pets, scatter a small amount in their bedding to repel fleas and bugs, especially during Summer months. Dried Patchouli Leaves add a subtle musky fragrance to Pot Pourri mixes. As an added bonus Patchouli is said to attract money and prosperity!

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