Raspberry Seeds Irradiated

Dried and irradiated Red Raspberry Seeds are perfect for use as a natural exfolient ingredient in your skincare regime.
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Common Name: Raspberry Seeds Dried

INCI Name: Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Seeds

CAS NUMBER: 3817-18-28-1

EINECS NUMBER: 284-554-0

Origin: Poland

Description: The dried and select irradiated seeds from the Red Raspberry Fruit yielding slightly Aromatic, Pink to light tan coloured seeds of irregular shape. The seeds are obtained from fruit pomace (residues after production of juice concentrate). The pomace is dried and then the seeds are filtered out from the other pieces of pomace. The seeds are processed to class 1 standard which have no mineral impurities (like sand or small stones)

Suggestions for Use: Can be used as a natural exfoliating agent or for visual effect in soap bars, Body Scrubs and Facial products.

Comment: This material is sterilised by irradiation at 20Kgy. These Raspberry Seeds are not intended for food use, and are to be used for external application only.

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