Green Glass Rollette Bottle

Green glass 10ml Rollette bottle. Price includes the rollerball unit and black cap. Also available in Amber Glass, Clear Glass and Blue Glass. Perfect for pulse point fragrance blends.
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Description: Tall 10ml Green Glass Roll On Bottle with the Rollerball housing and Black Cap included in price. No messing about trawling around the website buying 3 different components when its much easier to get the finished product in one click.

Applications: These bottles are perfect for 'Pulse Point' applications of Aromatherapy Oil Blends, cosmetic Liquid products, Herbal remedies, eye serums, Natural and Synthetic perfumes. They are small and compact enough to fit in a small bag, purse or even your pocket.

Product: Clear tall glass bottle sprayed Green

Capacity: Nominal 10ml - Brimful 11.5ml.

Cap size: 14.8mm excluding thread. 16.35mm including thread.

Cap Type: Black Urea screw on cap

Weight: 21g

Material: Glass

Colour: Clear sprayed Green

Neck Finish: R3/58

Height without cap / rollerball: 72.2mm

Label Height: 45mm

Height with Cap: 85.5mm

Diameter: 19.6mm

Pack Quantity: 572 units

Remember : All Jars & Bottles are supplied with their corresponding lid or cap.

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