Aromastone Blue

The AromaStone from Bay House Aromatics. Blue electric Essential Oil vaporiser. It has a 10 cm diameter ceramic dish on which you place oil or oil and water.
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The Bay House Aromatics Aroma Stone is a Blue electric oil vaporiser. It has a 10 cm diameter ceramic dish on which you place oil or oil and water. The oil is heated by an electric element which gently vaporises it into the air. Supplied boxed with a 3-pin plug for UK use.

Traditionally crafted in glazed porcelain, the electric Aroma Stone gently warms and vaporises the aromatherapy oil to enhance the atmosphere of any room. A clean, safe and effective way of vaporising oils without a naked flame.

The Self-regulating temperature gently vaporises oils and oil blends without changing their character. Easy to use, very economical and simply wipe clean.

Aromastone Features

No candles or burners

Easy to use

Mains operated

Aroma Stone allows the blending of essential oils to match your own tastes, moods and emotions. The natural oil aromas may be used simply for pleasure or therapeutically to create a relaxing, soothing, up-lifting or stimulating atmosphere.

The Aroma Stone is also suitable as a room freshener at home or in the office. Using natural oils means no artificial chemicals making it kind to you and your environment.

How to use

Using the Aroma Stone is simple. Just plug it in and put a drop of oil onto the stone. It takes a few minutes to heat up, and once warm the Aroma Stone can be left running.

As with conventional burners the Aroma Stone may be used with water to extend vaporisation times. Using a spoon place a small amount of water (5-10 mls/1-2 teaspoons) in the bowl, do NOT overfill. Ensure the Aroma Stone is unplugged from the mains before adding the water and do NOT move when you have water in the bowl.

The Aroma Stone provides a temperature gradient, with the highest temperatures at the centre of the stone and the coolest towards the rim. This allows you to place heavier oils near the centre and lighter ones near the rim.

The stone is easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.

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