Orange Blood Essential Oil

Mechanically Expressed Essential oil of Citrus sinensis imported direct from the producer in Sicily. This is the best quality Sweet Orange Oil we have ever come across.

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Common Name : Blood Orange Essential Oil Expressed


CAS NUMBER USA: 8008-57-9

CAS NUMBER EU: 8028-48-6

EC NUMBER: 232-433-8

Origin : Italy / Sicily

Description : Blood Orange Oil has a more Citrusy odour compared to the other Orange oils we offer. The colour is a deep Orange Red and the Oil has an intense Juicy slightly tart odour. When you slice open the Blood Orange itself, it has an intense Orange colour with Red streaks running through it. These Red streaks are known as Anthocyanins which are a result of the fruit being exposed to cold temperatures. If the weather isn't cold enough then the picked fruit is stored at low temperatures to encourage the concentration of Anthpcyanins to increase. Normally, the Growers prefer to leave the fruit on the trees for as long as possible, but sometimes in milder weather, this is not possible. These Anthocyanins are believed to have antioxidant properties also.

Suggestions for use: With its uplifting and stimulating aroma, add Blood Orange oil to a massage or vaporising blend for a sweet and stimulating effect.

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