Bergamot Expressed Essential Oil

Mechanically Expressed Essential oil of Citrus bergamia imported directly from the producer in Calabria, Italy. Over 90% of the global production of original and pure Bergamot Oil comes form Calabria.

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Common Name : Bergamot Essential Oil Expressed


Botanical Name : Citrus bergamia risso

Origin : Calabria, Italy

CAS Number : 8007-75-8

EC Number : 289-612-9

Description : Expressed Essential oil of Citrus bergamia from Calabria in Italy which is usually a dark green colour. Bergamot fruit is very bitter / sour to taste.There are three cultivars of Bergamot, Fantastico which is by far the most abundant, Castagrano which produces more fruit per tree known for its extensive and rough peel, and finally Femminello which is a much smaller shaped fruit yet hadies to climate changes.

Suggestions for use: An uplifting and highly antiseptic oil, it has a fresh Bitter Lemon / slightly zesty / sour fragrance. Try it in massage, vaporisation, and baths. Traditionally a staple ingredient in many Eau de Toilette and Cologne products and is used extensively in Perfumery for its zesty and fresh character. Many years ago, it was the staple ingredient in the original Eary Grey tea production, but not for many years now as it has been replaced by considerably cheaper blended product. Do not use neat on the skin due to its phototoxic properties.

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