Benzoin Mobile Oil

Solvent extracted Styrax benzoin from Sumatra blended 50% in DPG. Benzoin Essential Oil as a distilled or expressed Oil does not exist. Even in dilute mobile form, our Benzoin mobile is still quite thick and viscous.

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Common Name : Benzoin Sumatra Absolute 50% DPG

INCI Name :

Origin : Sumatra

Description : Solvent extracted Styrax benzoin Absolute from Sumatra blended 50/50 with DPG. Pure original product is either too viscous or solid to use in blending. There is no such thing as Benzoin Essential Oil. It will either be a Resinoide, Absolute or a diluent of either.

Suggestions for use: Benzoin Mobile has a comforting, vanilla-like fragrance and is pleasant in massage blends for stress-related conditions, also in creams or lotions to be used on chapped or inflamed skin

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