Galbanum Essential Oil

Steam Distilled Essential oil from the soft gum extracted from the root of the plant. Also known as Levant Galbanum. The odour is quite intense with a quite powerful dry green earthy note.
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Common Name: Galbanum Essential Oil

INCI Name: Ferula galbaniflua resin oil

Botanical Name: Ferula galbaniflua Linn.

CAS Number : 8023-91-4

EC Number : 232-532-6

Origin: Iranian Gum, steam distilled in France.

Description: A colourless to pale Yellow coloured Oil with a very pungent strong dry green resinous odour. The Galbanum plant will be up to three years old before it yields any gum, and then should produce for up to 5 years before expiring.

Suggestions for Use: May be used in massage to help balance the emotions or in creams and lotions for skin care. In Fine fragrances, Galbanum Oil is a key ingredient in Chanel 19 by Chanel, Safari by Ralph Lauren, and Miss Dior by Dior.

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