Grapefruit Essential Oil Expressed

Mechanically Expressed Essential oil of Citrus grandis from the USA. A fresh, uplifting aroma for Massage Oils and Natural Room Fragrance

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Common Name : Grapefruit Oil Expressed


Origin : California / Florida / Cuba

Description : Mechanical expression of the Grapefruit Rind / Peel giving an Essential Oil which is Pink / Red in colour. The odour is refreshing and uplifting with a slight zesty backnote. Not to be compared with Colourless Grapefruit Oil, which is a cheaper Distilled Oil, or Yellow Oil which is most likely odidated Grapefruit Oil.

Suggestions for use:Expressed Grapefruit Oil can be used in creams and lotions for oily skin, or as a mood enhancer in a room france or Oil burner. Blends well with any other Citrus Oil as well as Pine, Frankincense and Cardamom Oils.

CAUTION: Expressed Grapefruit Oil is a photosensitising Oil so avoid direct sunlight directly after use, whether that be the neat oil or in a blend.

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