Rose Otto Essential Oil

Original and Genuine Steam Distilled Essential Oil of Rosa damascena Essential Oil from the Valley of the Roses near Kazanluk in Bulgaria. Damask Rose, the Queen of Flowers renowned for it stunning fragrance and radiant Pink colour is named after the Syrian city of Damascus.

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Common Name : Rose Otto Damask Essential Oil

INCI Name : Rosa Damascena Flower Oil

Origin : Bulgaria / Turkey

CAS TSCA : 8007-01-0

CAS EINECS : 90106-38-0

EINECS Number : 290-260-3

Description : Steam Distilled Essential Oil of the Damask Rose Flower (Rosa damascena Mill.) from Bulgaria. Pure Rose Otto is quite viscous, even solid at room temperature. This is perfectly normal. This is due to a constituent called Stearoptene. It can take up to 3500 Kilos of the Kazanlak White Rose Flowers or 4000-5000 Kilos of the Red oil bearing Rose Flowers to produce 1 kilo of pure Rose Otto Essential Oil.

Suggestions for use: Pure Rose Otto has traditionally been a key ingredient in many Fine Fragrances, both Male and Female including Coco from Chanel and Lauren by Ralph Lauren. Blends well with Roman Chamomile Oil, Bergamot Expressed and Ylang Ylang Oils. As the Oil is quite potent, a very small amount will still have a noticeable effect in your blends and skin care products.

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