Geranium Essential Oil Egypt

Steam Distilled Essential oil of Pelargonium graveolens imported direct from the Distiller in Egypt. Also known as Rose Geranium Oil.

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Common Name : Rose Geranium Oil

INCI Name : Pelargonium graveolens

Origin : Egypt

CAS TSCA 8000-46-2

Description : Egyptian Geranium essential oil has a stong concentrated Herbal / Sweet odour with the subtle notes of both Citronella and Mint. Egypt produces between 200 and 250 Tonnes of Geranium Oil per year, compared to China which now produces less than 100 Tonnes per Year and falling, partly due to increased domestic demand.

Suggestions for use: Egyptian Geranium Oil has a potent fragrance which is ideally suited to mass market Perfumery and Toiletry products. Ehyptian geranium has a unique odour, which is not universally preferred compared to Bourbon Geranium Oil

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