Guaiacwood Essential Oil

Distilled Essential oil of Bulnesia sarmienti from Paraguay. Also known in Paraguay as Palo Santo Oil which is Spanish for 'sacred wood'.
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Common Name: Guaiacwood Oil Paraguay

INCI Name: Bulnesia sarmientoi wood oil

Origin: Paraguay

CAS Number: 89958-10-1

EINECS Number: 289-632-8

Description: Steam Distilled Essential Oil oil of Bulnesia sarmienti from the highly aromatic wood chippings and sawdust. Pure Guaiacwood is solid at room temperature and needs to be heated to make it mobile. Guaiacwood has a beautiful Sweet Woody / Rose scent, and is very popular in Soap and cosmetic fragrances. The Guaiac trees grow predominantly in the Gran Chaco region in South America on the Paraguyan / Argentinian border area. Not to be confused with the Ecuadorian Liquid Oil Bulnesia graveolens also called Palo Santo.

Suggestions for Use: A popular choice for Perfumers, Guaiacwood Oil is an ingredient in a number of Perfumes most recently L'Envol from Cartier. Guaiacwood has traditionally been used as an incense in sacred rituals especially before meditation. Blends well with other wood Oils like Cedarwood Atlas and Australian Organic certified Sandalwood Oils.

CITES UPDATE:- The current CITES suspension on the export of Guaiacwood does not apply to the Essential Oil.

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