Mandarin Red Essential Oil

Mechanically Expressed Essential oil of Citrus reticulata from Spain and Italy, yielding an essential Oil which has a citrusy sweet and slightly tart odour.

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Common Name : Mandarin Oil Red

INCI Name : Citrus reticulata peel oil

Origin : Spain / Italy

Description : Essential Oil extracted by mechanical pressing of the unripe peel of the Mandarin Fruit. There are actually three types of Mandarin, Mandarin Yellow, Mandarin Green and Mandarin Red. The colour of the expressed Oil will depend on the ripeness of the fruit which is harvested between September and March. The Mandarin tends to be Green in September / October, Yellow in November / December, and then finally Red at the end of the crop.

Suggestions for use: An oil with similar properties to orange and tangerine, recommended when you want a mild relaxing essential oil.

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