Oakmoss Absolute Pure (Low Atranol)

Oakmoss Absolute has a long history of use as an ingredient in Fine Fragrance creation. Our Oakmoss Absolute is a thick pasty product which is quite concentrated.

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Common Name : Oakmoss Absolute (Low Atranol)

INCI Name : Evernia prunastri

Origin : France

Description : A thick / viscous liquid which is solid at room temperature, so you need to warm the product to make it pourable / mobile. Oakmoss Absolute is produced by solvent extraction followed by a purification process in Alcohol which contributes to the reduction of the Atranol content. Our Oakmoss has a heavy Woody / Mossy character with a subtle marine back note. Oakmoss Absolute also acts as a fixative which prolongs the life of a fragrance.

Suggestions for use: Oakmoss has a long history in Fine Fragrance creation. Some of the many fragrances known to contain Oakmoss are the original CHANEL 5, CK ONE, MITSOUKO, CHANEL 19 and MISS DIOR . As any Fine Fragrance Perfumer will tell you, Oakmoss Absolute is a pivotal ingredient in both Fougere and Chypre scents for Women and Men. Fougere Fragrances have a Lavender top note with base notes of Coumarin and Oakmoss whilst Chypre fragrances have top notes of Woody and Citrus bases derived from Ambergris and Oakmoss.

PLEASE NOTE:- Our Oakmoss Absolute is not diluted in any way. It is an original Absolute.

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