Spearmint Essential Oil

Steam Distilled Essential oil of Mentha spicata from China. Similar to Peppermint Piperita Essential Oil, but somewhat sweeter and milder, making it especially suitable for nausea in pregnancy.

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Common Name : Spearmint Essential Oil

INCI Name : Mentha spicata herb oil

CAS Number: 91770-24-0

US CAS Number: 8008-79-5

EINECS Number: 294-809-8

Origin : China / India / U.S.A.

Description : A sweeter smelling, milder mint Essential Oil, where you don't need the punchy effect of the Menthol inspired Peppermint odour. Spearmint grows quite quickly, and the aerial parts are cut and partly dried before distillation. The Spearmint is then put through a rectification process to control the concentration of the main constituent 'Carvacrol'. Normally Spearmint is offered as 60% Carvacrol or 80% Carvacrol content.

Suggestions for use: To supress feelings of nausea and as a pick me up for mental fatigue and tiredness

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