Fennel Seed Oil Sweet | Certified Organic

Steam Distilled Certified Organic Essential oil from the crushed seeds of Foeniculum vulgare from India. Organic Fennel has a sweet strong anise like odour due to its high anethol content.
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Common Name: Certified Organic Sweet Fennel Seed Oil

INCI Name: Foeniculum vulgare dulce Fruit Oil

Botanical Name:Foenuculum vulgare

Origin: India / Spain / Bulgaria

CAS Number: 84455-29-8

EINECS Number: 282-892-3

TSCA CAS Number: 8006-84-6/p>

Description: Steam distilled Essential Oil from crushed Fennel Seeds. Certified Organic Fennel Seed Oil has a strong Anise type odour due to high Anethol content, which is the reason the Oil will solidify during cold storage. Odour is quite pungent, with a sweet, Peppery odour, so use sparingly as it can olfactively dominate a blend.

Suggestions for Use: Use in massage or vaporisation to stimulate appetite or in skin creams as part of a skin care programme.



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