Frankincense Oil Carterii | Certified Organic

Steam Distilled Soil Association Certified Organic Essential oil of imported Boswellia carterii Gum from Puntland (Somalia).

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Common Name : Frankincense Oil Somalia Certified organic

INCI Name : Boswellia carterii

Origin : Puntland (Somalia) Distilled in UK

CAS Number: 89957-98-2

EINECS Number: 289-620-2

Description : A pale Yellow to Golden coloured Oil, with fresh slean slightly sweet / fruity odour, which will be determined by the age of the resin distilled. The odour will improve with ageing and develop a subtle peppery, somewhat sweet woody character.

Suggestions for use: Steam Distilled Certified organic Essential oil of Boswellia carterii. Popular in aromatherapy for its ability to slow down and deepen breathing. Also use in skin cream and massage to restore tone to aged looking or wrinkly skin. This is our Soil Association Certified Organic Frankincense carterii Essential Oil distilled from the finest Grades of Olibanum Gum and distilled in the UK

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