Frankincense Serrata Oil | Certified Organic

Steam Distilled Certified Organic Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil from wild crafted gum yielding a Woody, spicy, fruity odour which is quite intense.
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Common Name: Frankincense Essential Oil Certified Organic

INCI Name: Boswellia serrata oil

Origin: India

Description: Essential Oil extracted by Steam Distillation of the dried Gum Resin yielding a light yellow coloured essential oil. The distilled Oil has a Pine, woody and slightly lemon / Citrus odour.

Suggestions for Use: Certified Organic Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil is distilled from wild crafted Gum Resin and tends to have a higher Alpha-thujene and Lower Alpha-pinene content compared to other Frankincense Oils. Odour is somewhat lighter and sharper with a dry basenote and works well in Massage Oil blends and Lotion bases specifically for dry and mature skin.

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