Hay Absolute

Solvent extracted Absolute from select Alpine Dried grasses. A powerful rich coumarin like aroma with a subtle honey / floral undertone. This is the original 100% Hay Absolute and is not diluted in any way.
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Common Name: Hay Absolute

INCI Name: Heirochloe alpina

Origin: France

CAS : 8031-00-3

EINECS: 295-758-4

Description: Pure Hay Absolute is solid at room temperature, so you would need to dilute in your favoured medium to use. The odour description for our Hay Absolute is Sweet Hay, Woody, Tobacco like, Mossy, Tonka Bean character. Also known as Foin Absolute. It is believed to take up to 250 Kilos of select cut Grass / Hay to make 1 kilo of Hay Absolute.

Suggestions for Use: Hay Absolute has longe been used as a fixative in Fine Fragrance production due to its Coumarin content. Popular in Colognes and Fougere products. Maximum recommended usage level in a Fragrance concentrate is 4% maximum.

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