Hemp Seed Oil Expressed | Certified Organic

COSMOS Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil mechanically expressed from the dried and cleaned seeds of the plant, which is rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9. There is no THC in this Oil and should not be confused with CBD Oil which is produced from the leaves of the plant.

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Common Name: Hemp Seed Oil Expressed Certified Organic

INCI Name: Cannibis Sativa Seed Oil

CAS Number : 89958-21-4

EINECS Number: 289-644-3

Origin: U.K.

Description: Mechanically Expressed Oil from the seeds of Cannibis Sativa after the leaves and other plant matter have been removed and the seeds have been cleanedcleaned. The pressed mass is then chilled and filtered to remove most of the settled waxes and crud, before the oil is finally packed. The Finished Oil is a rich dark Olive Green colour. Hemp is quite a unique plant when you consider the number of products you can derive from the plant. In addition to the Oil from Hemp Seeds and CBD from the leaves, you can also make Rope or a fabric from the Hemp fibres to make shoes or clothing. The 'waste biomass' from production can be used to create animal food products, so nothing is wasted.

Suggestions for Use: COSMOS Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil is perfect for problem skin like psoriasis and acne, where it softens and soothes the irritation and allows the skin to recover. Hemp Seed Oil Organic will also moisturise dry skin when used in a Cream base or Face mask blend.

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