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Indigo Blue Powder from Bay House Aromatics is a genuine Mayan Indigo and should not be compared to the cheaper Indian material. El Salvador Indigo has a much higher Indigoten content of up to 45% whereas Indian material is mainly in the high 20's percentage. Mayan Indigo will allow the creation of much darker Blue shades in your product.
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Common Name : Indigo Powder Blue

INCI Name : Indigofera tinctoria leaf powder / Indigofera Tinctoria (Indigo) powder

Origin : El Salvador

CAS Number: 84775-63-3

EINECS Number: 283-892-6

Reach Registration : n/a

Description : Free flowing ultra dark Blue Powder rich in Indigoten.

Suggestions for use: Indigo Blue Powder can be used in Cold Process Soap, Body lotions, Natural Hair Dyes, Bath Bombs and Bath salts. Please always make a pilot batch first as colour will be very dark and consult with your Cosmetic Chemist before full-scale manufacture.

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