Juniper Berry Oil | Certified Organic

Steam distilled Juniper Berry Essential Oil Certified Organic by the Soil Association & COSMOS. Only the mature fruit is collected for distillation, leaving the green fruit for the following years harvest.
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Common Name: Juniper Berry Essential Oil

INCI Name: Juniperus communis Fruit Oil

Origin: Nepal / Albania

EINECS Number: 283-268-3

CAS Number: 84603-69-0 / 8002-68-4

Description: Steam Distilled certified organic Essential Oil from the freshly picked and dried ripe Juniper berries yielding a colourless to pale Yellow essential oil which will have a fresh, sharp slightly spicy pine like odour. Only mature fruit is collected, leaving the green fruit for the following years harvest.

Suggestions for Use: Traditionally used for detox and cleansing massage blends. A very popular ingredient in Gin flavours.

Please Note:Avoid using during Pregnancy

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