Laurel Leaf Essential Oil

Steam Distilled Essential oil of Laurus nobilis from Croatia. Also known as Sweet Bay, this oil has a pleasant sweet medicinal aroma.
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Common Name: Laurel Leaf Essential Oil

INCI Name: Laurus nobilis leaf Oil

Origin: Croatia / Albania

CAS TSCA : 8002-41-3

Description: Laurel Leaves are long associated with Success and Glory depicted in the Laurel Wreaths at Sporting presentation ceremonies. The distilled colourless to Straw Yellow essential oil is quite pungent, with a woody / eucalyptus like character. It should not be confused with Bay Laurel which is a West Indian Spice Oil.

Suggestions for Use: In times past, people used it to stimulate appetite. Laurel leaf gives a warming effect if you are making "masculine type" personal fragrances or massage blends. Blends well with Expressed orange oil, Juniper Berry oil and Cypress Oil.

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