Lavandin Oil Super | Certified Organic

This is a Certified organic Lavandin Oil Super sourced direct from the Distiller in which has a pungent floral character and more cost effective than Lavender Oil in Cosmetic and Soap blends.
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Common Name : Lavandin Oil Super Certified Organic

INCI Name : Lavandula hybrida (herb) Oil

Botanical Name : Lavandula angustifolia X Lavandula latifolia

Origin : Spain

EINECA Number : 294-470-6

CAS Number : 91722-69-9

Description : Steam Distilled Flowering tops from Certified organic Lavandin Super plants.

Suggestions for use: Our unique Lavandin Super is a hybrid of True Lavender with Lavandula Latifoliaspecies (Spike Lavender). Lavandin Super Oil is an essential oil distilled from the freshly harvested aerial shoots of the plant collected and steam distilled every July / August in the South of France and Spain. This particular quality of Certified organic Lavandin Oil has a higher concentration of Linalyl Acetate compared to other Lavandin and Lavender Oils. This unique Certified Organic quality is sourced for Soapmaking and Volume Cosmetic and Toiletry products where cost is a factor. The odour is much stronger with a slight Camphor note to compliment the floral character.

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