Lime Distilled Essential Oil | Certified Organic

Steam Distilled Lime Oil Essential Oil Certified Organic imported directly from the Organic distiller in Sri Lanka. This Oil has a sharper and zestier odour compered to the Certified Organic Expressed Lime Oil.
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Common Name: Lime Distilled Essential Oil Certified Organic

INCI Name: Citrus aurantifolia peel Oil

Origin: Sri Lanka

Description: Essential Oil produced by Steam Distillation of the Lime fruit peel after fruit has been processed.

Suggestions for Use: Certified Organic Distilled Lime Oil has a zesty and tangy odour which works well in uplifting and awakening blends, or blended with Tea Tree Oil to make a more pleasant smelling natural disinfectant blend for home use. Some Therapists and Perfumers prefer to use the Distilled version of Lime Oil in their 'leave on' products due to the concerns of residual bergaptene contained in the expressed Oil.

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