Mango Butter Refined

Mango butter is a rich emollient fat extracted from the kernels of Mangifera indica. It is solid at room temperature and is slightly harder than Shea Butter in texture.
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Common Name: Mango Butter

INCI Name:Mangifera indica (Mango) Seed Butter

Botanical Name:Mangifera indica

Origin: India

EINECS Number: 290-045-4

CAS Number: 90063-86-8 / 84696-25-3

Description: Mechanically pressed de-shelled fruit kernel of the Mango, which is then refined to remove impurities which allows a longer shelf life.

Suggestions for Use: Add to your skin cream or Lotion base formulations for its luxurious feel and regenerative properties. Very useful addition to Soap Bases and Lip Balms also.


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