Myristyl Myristate

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Myristyl Myristate is a White to light Yellowish pelletized wax mass of Vegetable origin with a fatty feel and distinctive odour. Popular as a co-emulsifier to enrich the feel and appearance of your Cream or Lotion Base and create a brilliant White appearance in your finished product.
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Common Name: Myristyl Myristate

INCI Name: Myristyl Myristate

Origin: Germany

Description: Myristyl Myristate is a 100% natural vegetable derived ester utilizing only the Myristic fatty acids. This combination of myristyl alcohol and myristic acid results in superior whitening to ypur finished product and with greatly improved benefits to the skin.

Suggestions for Use: Myristyl Myristate is used as a co-emulsifier to stabilise emulsions. If your emulsion has an oily odour and slightly grey, adding Myristyl Myristate gives the product a lighter and bright White glossy appearance. This ingredient is ideal if you want to create a luscious silky feel in your body lotions, hair conditioners or base creams.

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