Myrrh Essential Oil

Steam Distilled Essential oil from the Gum of Commiphora myrrha from Somalia. This is pure Essential Oil with no diluents added. Beware cheap imitations of 'Myrrh Oil' diluted in DPG or a carrier oil based on a resinoide.
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Common Name : Myrrh Essential Oil

INCI Name : Commiphora myrrha oil

Origin : Somalia

CAS Number : 8016-37-3

Description : Steam distillation of the cleaned resin tears of the Commiphora species in central Somalia. The Resin is obtained by a cutting in the tree trunk, which gradually exudes a resinous gum. This is then collected and sorted / cleaned before packing for export. Oil yields are 4 - 8% of the Gum Resin. The Distilled Essential Oil has a Yellow to Green colour with a typical Balsamic odour with a slight Spicy Aromatic / citrus note. over time, the oil will slightly thicken on exposure to air so keep all containers tightly sealed.

Suggestions for use: Use in vaporisation to help meditation or as an expectorant. It is also fungicidal.

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